Water-resistant ceiling and wall panels for bathrooms and kitchens

Our standard range of waterproof synthetic roof and wall panels are there for you. Thanks to its impermeability, our panels guarantee a sustainable roof and wall covering, especially in humid environments. The panels will not delaminate or absorb water, so they are the ideal solution for walls and ceilings in your bathroom or kitchen. Naturally, they can also be used in other parts of the house. This guide is all about waterproof wetroom wall panels.


About waterproof wetroom wall panels:

Ceiling and wall panels with click system : Do you want to change the atmosphere of your home? In a flash and without hard and exasperating jobs? This can be done with, the revolutionary roof and wall system from us. And it does not have to be a handyman to do it! we can often be used outdoors.

Unique and revolutionary assembly system :  In the patented assembly system of connection is also provided at the end of the panels. In this way, it is possible to cover any length of the ceiling or wall. It can coat the largest surfaces without difficulty. Are you looking for an alternative to wall and ceiling cladding? Our decorative wall panels are water resistant and easy to maintain. When you see the about waterproof wetroom wall panels you will figure that it is an ideal solution for the coating of walls and ceilings of bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, basements, garages and other areas inside the house.

Our PVC wallcovering is not only completely waterproof but also offers an aesthetic added value thanks to the numerous decorations, which vary from matt and glossy panels to panels with wooden decorations, stone motifs and fantasy print. Our new technology SMP (synchronized multicolour printing) allows printing photorealistic images with high resolution of 360 dpi in our panels.

About waterproof wetroom wall panels – why use them?

RESISTANT : The printed panels are waterproof, unalterable and sustainable and, unlike wood products, do not wrinkle, crack or delaminate. To preserve the appearance, it is sufficient to clean sporadically with soap and water.

EASY-FIX : Our panels are easy and quick to install. Our wide range of 25 cm or 37.5 cm in width and 2.6 m in length can be easily installed with a tip and slot system, without a fitting or with a V-groove.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL : They can be used anywhere in the house on walls and ceilings. Some colours are available with a length of 4 meters to cover the lengths of the most extended ceilings.

10 YEARS WARRANTY : We offer a 10-year warranty, a longer period than similar products. More information about waterproof wetroom wall panels is available.


  • Our wall panels are 100% recyclable and sustainable.
  • The absorbent baffle paints Absorb is a product that is specially designed to meet the strict hygiene requirements established by the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industry.
  • The absorbent baffles absorb wetroom are resistant to bacteria and free of mineral fibres.
  • Due to its low weight and easy installation, this absorber can be used in a wide variety of situations and can be adapted to the requirements of different works.
  • The cleaning of the absorbent panels can be done using water under pressure.
  • In the tests carried out, it has been shown that the pint absorbing Wetroom is very suitable for its application in the beverage industry.

The wall panels sold in the UK by the carp bathroom are extremely versatile. Our panels can be installed in any room – either at home or in commercial properties – and can be mounted on walls or ceilings. The following images will give you an idea of the numerous ways in which our panels can be used. Its main uses include:

Bathroom wall panels : When talking with our customers when they see about waterproof wetroom wall panels, know that most forums are finished in the bathrooms on the wall, but they are suitable for use at home in a range of different applications. See the following sections to find out our bathroom wall panels could provide the ideal coverage for the walls and the roof of your house. Sometimes you see the term bath coating that is used on our site – this is just another term used for our panels. It is usually associated specifically with our standard UPVC narrow width panels, but it can be used more generally to refer to any product that covers the walls of a bathroom.

Our bathroom panels are hot to the touch so condensation will not form on them, therefore, mould growth is inhibited. Our wall panels are therefore very well adapted to the areas of the house with high humidity, such as the bathroom, but are equally effective in a bathroom, kitchen, wet room or laundry. There is no grout for that cleanliness is simplicity itself, just a quick cleaning with soapy water. Coating bath can be installed on tiles as long as they are firmly fixed. Its structure of honeycomb lends a degree of isolation of noise and heat to any surface to which it is attached.

Shower wall panels : The ideal to cover the interior walls shower enclosures – waterproof, easy to clean and easy to install – our wall panels will look good from the day they are installed and will remain a good looking for years to come. They can be mounted inside an existing shower stall if you are looking to cool an existing installation. Click here for more information on the use of our shower wall panels. As well as shower cubicles our decorative wall covering is ideal for use in a shower room or wetrooms. Waterproof panels do not have to be limited to the shower, the entire room can be transformed – and the more you use it, the greater the benefit: no grout to keep clean, rake or maintain; nothing for paints or varnishes; reduced condensation problems.

Bathroom ceiling panels : Anyone who has painted a roof will appreciate the maintenance-free qualities of our roof panels. All of the panels in our range can be used as roof cladding, but some work better than others on the roof. Bathroom ceilings are particularly susceptible to damage caused by the humid environment found in bathrooms, which can adversely affect traditional decks so this is the place where our ceiling panels really enter your account.

And if you would like to hang it permanently you paint the brush so you can adapt the plates to the limits that in the house. We have many panels and veins of wood that lend themselves to use in the living room so you can feel the benefits throughout your home’s matte finish.


Hiring a domestic employee through an authorized placement agency has important advantages for both you and the employer, as well as for the employee. Hire the professionals through the Connect Cleaners.

Guide to choose the cleaning services company that best suits you- Connect Cleaners
Are you thinking about hiring cleaning services for your company? Do you need help with cleaning your home? Choosing a professional from Connect Cleaners that carries out the job with all the guarantees of a professional cleaning is not an easy task. Below, we present the definitive Guide to choose the cleaning service company that best suits you and your needs to save you time and work, and to make the best choice.

Define your strategy to find the cleaning services you are looking for?
Before starting to search the Internet without rest among all cleaning services companies, stop a moment and design a good strategy to find it. Take a notebook and a pen, and ask yourself the following questions:

What cleaning services do you need?
Ask yourself what exactly you would like to clean. Which areas of your house or premises need comprehensive maintenance and professional assistance? That is, where can they get that you cannot get there?

How much are you willing to spend?
Value the budget by thinking about the amount of work you need to be done. Calculate the hours necessary to carry out the complete cleaning of the premises or surface in question and, just in case, the cost of the products to clean it.

How often you want to hire cleaning
Now that you know how much you want to spend, you can make a realistic approximation of how many times a month you can do it. Take into account your budget to see which option is more important: a punctual deep cleaning or a cleaning service continuously.

Now that you know what you want, follow these steps:

  1. Compare the services offered

It is usually a good sign that cleaning services companies include their cleaning products in service. It allows you to calculate your budget better and you can usually choose if you want a specific brand. That they answer fast and give you several options for professionals and types of budget and services also indicates professionalism.

  1. Ask your neighbors and consult forums

Ask the people around you for cleaning services companies with which they have been happy. Hiring a professional who lives near you usually makes everything easier: for him, it is comfortable and gives you flexibility in the schedules if there are unforeseen events.

Reasons why a cleaning company makes your life easier
Maybe you have been thinking about hiring a cleaning company for some time, but you are not sure if you do not know how it will benefit you. Here we tell you how it can help you in your day to day life. Christmas has already passed and it is time to return to the routine: go to work, make food, take care of children and, of course, clean the house. Connect Cleaners is a professional cleaning company has many advantages and can be a way to start the year on the right foot. We tell you several reasons why you can decide to hire Connect Cleaners and take away your worries and responsibilities.

Probably the most obvious advantage, but also the most important of all, the pace of life today is frantic and we have the agenda filled all the time due to work and family obligations. The last thing you want when you get home is to start dusting, vacuuming and other tasks. By hiring a cleaning company, we save a lot of time and incredibly improve our quality of life by having more time for other things.

Less stress
Having more free time means doing more leisure activities and clearing one’s head of day-to-day responsibilities. This is necessary to maintain good mental health. At the time we dedicate to cleaning tasks of the home every day we can use it in other activities more fun and satisfactory and that, at the end of the day, Connect Cleaners will notice that we are a little happier and our well-being will improve remarkably with the passage of time.

Greater comfort
You do not necessarily have to have a much stressed life and full of commitments to hire a cleaning company. Just as we go to restaurants to not worry about cooking, thanks to a professional cleaning service we forget to have to perform those routine tasks.

Greater efficiency
We are talking about a company that is professionally engaged in cleaning, it is clear that its level of quality will be greater than that of any individual. The years of experience and the means at your disposal make the work you are going to do in our house to be much better than what we can do ourselves.

As often as you want
The size of a house is important when evaluating how often you have to clean it. A cleaning company adapts to our needs and lets us choose how often we need a professional person to come. There will be houses that need a review every day and others that only once a week, each one assesses what their needs are.

No worries about legality
Registering in the social security if you have someone at home cleaning, although the picaresque leads some people not to do this, which is against the law. With a cleaning company, you do not need to worry about these technical and legal aspects since they take care that everything is correct and in accordance with the law.

In short, Connect Cleaners will help us a lot to take away worries, to save time, to dedicate ourselves to other things and to be better at home. Has this guide helped you? Do you want to know more about cleaning services? Write us a comment or tell us by clicking here. We will be happy to hear you!

What are the rates offered at us – Fixed price pest control?

Control of pests and types of pest : – Control, prevention of harmful species in buildings, disinfection of equipment and facilities, control of birds, as well as corrective and preventive treatments against termite and wood pests

Two levels of integrated services : – Optimum: Where your company has all the necessary services with the same provider, under the strictest world standards, with quality and professionalism unique in its class.

Superior: Where your company obtains the maximum possible benefits with the highest technology in the industry.

General services : – Deinsectization: Eradication of any type of pest caused by insects. Likewise, during a specific period of time, conflicting zones are protected against future infestations.

Deratization: these programs include the elimination of all activity originated by rodents, but not only when they have been detected, but long before they appear.

Pest Control Directed mainly at hotels, schools, restaurants, warehouses, offices, shops, transportation, and housing.

Specialized services : – Bird Control the proliferation of birds leads to affectations in commercial, industrial, housing and historical monuments installations. Clogged ducts, windows, and patios with excrement or deterioration of the stone are some of the consequences of the super bird population. Treatment against termite and wood pests In the case of the subterranean termite, our treatments guarantee the total elimination of the problem, a chemical barrier is formed between the building and the termite mound (natural habitat of the termites). We are experts in that the wood recovers his vitality, granting him the necessary protection for a long duration and resistance of the plagues that affect it.

Disinfection we focus on controlling any problem caused by pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.) or preventing their settlement and dispersion in places that are especially sensitive due to their activity.

Benefits of the Pest Control services:

  • Efficiency for your efficiency: An impulse to achieve your objectives.
  • Cost optimization: Economic benefit for your company.
  • Real national coverage: A single pitch.
  • Personal and own infrastructure: Everything under control.
  • Processes created to the measure: Saving of inputs and time.
  • Staff assessment: Quality services.
  • Experience and standards of world prestige: Unification of local and global quality.
  • Continuous evaluation, technical audits and diagnostics: Immediate action to improve.
  • Protection of the environment: Awareness and commitment to the future.
  • Guaranteed legal responsibility: Tranquility and good name of your brand.

Health comes first and for this, it is necessary to live in an environment safe from pests that cause infections, unwanted contamination. In restaurants, hotels, hospitals, large commercial facilities, warehouses, offices, neighborhood communities … all public spaces need to be clean and under control, but also our own homes. Sydney pest control is dedicated exclusively to the Control of Urban Pests. The Disinsection, Deratization, and Disinfection of all types of premises, facilities, homes, and businesses is our specialty.

The engine that drives our business, the service that pleases our users and the reason they trust us the most is the personalized and close service we always offer to all our customers and we offer the fixed price pest control. Sydney pest control put at your disposal a wide variety of schedules, adapting to your needs. We perform our treatments even on nights, holidays, weekends and outside work and business hours.

We hear the expression pest control and we all know what it means. But … what exactly is considered a plague? There are six main types: those that cause diseases in living beings such as viruses, bacteria or parasites, which are annoying for animals and humans and can transmit diseases by bite or sting, which feed on plants such as worms, snails, slugs, etc., those that rot and attack wood or leather-like fungi, those that compete with crops known as “weeds” and animals that kill other domestic animals, such as foxes or raccoons.

Importance of a pest control : – The control of plagues is necessary so much in particular homes as in commercial premises, industrial warehouses or centers of leisure, where the presence of human beings, plants, and an animal is constant. Pests attack living beings, either by transmitting diseases or generating discomfort of different kinds, as well as causing a bad image in commercial places. They contaminate and poison, they can generate damages in furniture and even in the structure of buildings. Therefore, in the event of a plague, act immediately and call an expert and get the fixed price pest control.

Your pest control service : – For a perfect pest control, a disinsection, derivatization and disinfection service performed by experienced professionals like Sydney pest control is essential. In Sydney pest control we are experts in keeping pest-free all types of premises, facilities, homes, and businesses, giving our customers a serious service with guarantees. Whether you require regular maintenance that keeps your space protected from the possible presence of insects and rodents, or if you are the victim of a plague, trust our company to solve your problem.

Sydney pest control has the specialized and properly qualified personnel for the application of pesticide treatments. They will advise you at all times about the type of treatment that is most appropriate and most respectful of the environment and people for the solution of your urban pest problem. Looking for Fixed price pest control?

We offer : 

DISINFECTION : – Disinfection and sterilization for the elimination or control of microorganisms

DISINSECTATION : – Exterminate or control the presence of some kinds of insects belonging to the group of arthropods and flying insects.

DESTRUCTION : – Rats and mice, in addition to eating our food if we leave it within reach or cause deterioration in facilities, furniture, etc. But our professionals could do little without the help of the most advanced material and technical means that Sydney pest control puts at your disposal for the realization of the different treatments.

We are experts in the elimination and control of pests. We adopt the most advanced elimination techniques to solve your problems with any type of pest quickly and effectively. Contact us and we will evaluate your case to find the best solution at your fingertips. For your health, the environment, and your pocket, to eliminate the presence of insects and rodents, put your trust only in Sydney pest control. With, solving your problem will cost you much less than you think. We have the fixed prices pest control services. Ask us without commitment and you will be surprised by our fixed price pest control.

Ten Tips to Grow Healthy Trees to Earn More Value

Everyone knows that trees have an important role to play in landscaping and nature. Proper care and attention can give a healthy life to trees. How to learn about proper management of trees? Well, it would not be difficult if you know about Centaur Tree Services. Our services are among the top rated tree surgeon facilities in Oxford. We have created a list of ten recommendations for the clients using our services.

Ask questions : – Yes, you must ask questions about the plants and trees whenever you meet with our tree surgeons. Whether you plant trees at home, office or at the farm, it is important to have knowledge about its nature, growth period and infections.

Be careful : – It is important to be careful when planting the trees. It sounds easy but it is a technical task. It is recommended to check sowing season, soil type, water quality and requirements, fertilization and grafting. Our experts will deal with all these matters in order to give health trees all around.

Fencing is necessary : – Yes, there is a need to create a wall or fence around the planting area. It protects the plants from herbivores and others. It is not necessary to create a wall of bricks if you can’t afford. Just bring the iron wire to create a fence.

Pruning needs intention : – Hire our tree surgeons in order to prune the trees properly. Pruning is one of the most significant approaches to health and growth of trees. We will give you a chance to check certified arborists in Oxford to perform these important jobs.

Fertilization and irrigation : – Trees need water and fertilizer to grow. These things are just like food for trees. It would be better to contact us to learn more about the requirements of tree. It is also essential find right season for fertilization and timing for watering.

Take actions against infections : – Never ignore the infections because these may kill the trees. Immediately call Centaur Tree Services and we will send the expert arborists to apply tree medicines. These applications are compulsory to save the tree life.

Mulching is essential : – This is related to soil and organic matter conservation. Organic matter provides more growth to roots which support trees to grow and stand without any weakness. Mulching also creates a favorable environment for the worms, nematodes and bacteria to enrich soils.

Use efficient irrigation system : – Be careful about the irrigation if you have sandy soils. These soils absorb more water quickly that’s why trees may face drought. It is recommended to utilize high-efficiency irrigation systems such as drip line to save water while fulfilling requirements of plants.

Inspect trees regularly : – It is strongly recommended to visit the planting area most often. It allows the arborists and growers to check the growth and health of trees. We take full responsibility for tree inspection in order to satisfy the customers.

Hire Centaur Tree Services : – Always call us immediately in case of any emergency. Whether it is about infection, pest attack or stunted growth, we will solve the issues according to your expectations.