Institute of Legal Studies

The Institute of Legal Studies is responsible for promoting the analysis, research and dissemination of the study of law and aims among others to address: a) Research of the problem of Law and the study of current issues and legal issues and general interest; b) Contribute to the dissemination of legal culture, stimulating the permanent study of Argentine and comparative law in all its specialties; c) The training of specialists in the different branches of law in their practical and ethical face; d) Complement the university studies through the realization of courses of Procedural Law and Forensic Practice, through practical workshops; e) Advise the Honorable Directory on all matters of a legal nature in general and in particular those that have to do with improving the conditions of professional practice.

Practice areas in legal studies:

Labor law

In the labour area, we have extensive experience in issues related to the individual, collective and social security law.In this area, our consulting services include topics of high complexity such as restructuring of work relationships, massive schemes of linkage and separation, hiring structures, productivity schemes, voluntary retirement plans and employer substitution, salary structures and forms of retribution, substantial modifications of working conditions as well as transfer systems of processes to third parties, including legal recommendations to limit the responsibility of the company.

On the other hand, experience in this area includes the participation as negotiators and legal advisers of important companies in collective conflicts, the celebration of collective bargaining agreements, or in business restructuring processes, including the coordination of benefits and the administration of labour costs. Likewise, we carry out company review procedures, including analysis of the scope and content of the regulations established in the current regulations on labour, social security and occupational risk prevention.

Additionally, the Firm represents the interests of its clients in the administrative processes that must be submitted to the regulatory, oversight and control entities, including before the UGPP, procedures in which significant experience has been accumulated, with outstanding results. Finally, the lawyers of the area have extensive experience in resolving conflicts, acting as agents of our clients in litigation of this nature.

Commercial and corporate law

The Firm has a high-level team that provides services in corporate matters, including the incorporation and liquidation of companies, their transformation, spin-off and merger, shareholder agreements and the handling of all legal matters related to compliance with the Colombian corporate norms and the structuring of investments in Colombia through the creation of different legal vehicles.

In the processes of acquisition and merger of companies, we provide advice in the legal structuring of the same and in the elaboration of the required legal documents, as well as in the negotiation stages that are advanced between the parties, including possible authorizations that must be obtained from the competition authorities through Legal Studies. The Firm’s services in this area range from legal due diligence processes and obtaining government permits to structuring, documenting, financing and closing transactions.

It is worth mentioning the experience accumulated in the performance of M & A operations of technology-based companies with high innovation content, as well as the development of an accompanying model for investment in incipient value companies, reducing the transaction costs associated with judicial fees. In contractual matters, our advisory covers the structuring of all types of agreements and negotiations at the national and international level, including investment agreements, indebtedness and commercial contracts related to goods or services, as well as all kinds of business collaboration agreements.

Regarding competition law, Legal Studies range from advising on issues of consumer protection, to the analysis of complex transactions in order to verify the requirement of authorizations for their realization by the competition protection authority. Colombia.

Civil and insurance responsibility

In this area, we provide legal advice for the subscription and review of insurance policies, and also in the prevention and risk management according to the corporate purpose of the companies. We represent legal persons in judicial proceedings for compensation of damages, as well as in litigation arising from different insurance contracts. Services in this area include judicial and extrajudicial representation of insurers.

Tax and customs law

Legal Studies offers comprehensive advice in the tax area, which includes the preparation of legal concepts, the design of commercial transactions, the structuring of tax planning schemes, as well as the analysis and solution of problems related to tax regulations. Likewise, we attend to all the requirements of the tax authorities, advancing the administrative processes that may be required and the contentious-administrative processes in tax matters and in general the review of the affairs of the organizations that have tax effects. Similarly, we provide advice on international trade issues, including those related to compliance with customs regulations for the structuring from the legal point of view of the international operations of our clients.

Legal Studies also carry out asset reorganization processes, including the structuring of companies abroad, in order to give an efficient management and adequate protection to the assets of our clients.

Aeronautical right

The Firm has an area specialized in advising all types of companies in the aeronautical sector, including airlines, aviation schools, aeronautical workshops, non-scheduled air transport companies and airport operators, whom it represents in its relations with the aeronautical authorities and in Obtaining their operating permits.

In the same way, we provide advice in the negotiation and execution of contracts for the sale and leasing of aircraft and their registration in Colombia, including the obtaining of operating permits for national and international routes, and the import and registration of aircraft. On the other hand, our advice includes the preparation of projects and authorization requests for the construction of aerodromes as well as obtaining the respective operating permit and all other authorizations from the environmental authorities required for the exercise of the activity.


Understanding litigation as the last option to resolve a dispute, but sometimes as the only alternative, litigation attorneys are trained to represent the interests of our clients in civil, commercial, labour and administrative litigation, both before and after the litigation. Permanent judges, as before arbitration courts! The experience in litigation on the part of the Firm has allowed him, in turn, to guarantee a preventive management of the affairs of his clients, minimizing the legal risks in his transactions.